Nimona (2023)

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Title: Nimona (2023)
Genres: 2023 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Action
Director: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane
Writer: Robert L. Baird, Lloyd Taylor, Pamela Ribon
Stars: Chloë Grace Moretz, Riz Ahmed, Eugene Lee Yang

In a world that’s a bit like the olden days but in the future, a knight is blamed for something he didn’t do. He needs Nimona’s help to prove he’s innocent. Nimona is a teenager who can change how she looks. But there’s a problem because the knight was taught to fight against people like Nimona. They have to team up to solve this problem, show what really happened, and find out the truth. It’s a story about working together, understanding each other, and figuring things out in a world that’s a mix of old and new. Follow Myflixer for more.